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Edematous ureter

Jan 06, · The edematous ureter is likely to perforate even when a gentle procedure is performed. It can reflect some degree of obstruction, infection, or reflux of urine from the bladder to the kidney. Edematous ureter. Marked mucosal edema of the ureter was observed in four patients who had percutaneously placed, in- dwelling stent catheters. When attempts to grasp and resect the stalk of the polyp with biopsy forceps were unsuccessful, a 200- mm holmium laser fiber was inserted through the working port of the ureteroscope. Damage to the ureteric mucosa can also trigger stricture formation. This was severe enough to produce transient ureteral obstruction after stent removal in two. Some degree of mucosal edema may be seen in most patients with in- dwelling stents. Areas over bony prominences are palpated for edema by pressing with the fingertip for 5 sec, then releasing. CT Scan can detect stones as small as 3 mm. Spiral ( unenhanced) CT scan demonstrating a right renal stone ( yellow arrow).
Stasis of urine in the upper ureter has a similar list or possible causes. 3 doctors agreed: Dilatation: Caliectasis is a dilatation of the kidneys' urine collecting tubes within the kidney itself. The ureteroscope was maneuvered to the fibrous attachment of the polyp to the lateral wall of the ureter. Patients with significant edema should weigh themselves daily to gauge fluid loss or retention. Edema of the bladder mucosa is often seen in association with urinary infection, but it is not often recognized in the ureter except perhaps at the lower end where it may lead to vesicoureteral reflux. Edema is documented according to type ( pitting, nonpitting, or brawny), extent, location, symmetry, and degree of pitting. Chapter 12 Urinary System and Male Genital System Case 5 Operative Report Preoperative diagnosis: Rt ureteral stones Postoperative diagnosis: Rt ureteral stones Operation: Open right ureterolithotomy Intraoperative findings: The patient had marked inflammatory reaction around the proximal ureter just below the renal pelvis. Therefore, both radial opaque and non- opaque stones in the ureter can easily be demonstrated and to identify the cause for ureteral obstruction by CT Scan.

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